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The My Consecration Apostolate was formed by an alliance of Catholic apostolates with a very strong devotion to our Blessed Mother and the Rosary.  They share a common concern for the saving of souls and strengthening of the Catholic Church through the  Total Consecration to Jesus Though Mary.  Our alliance, composed of Lighthouse Catholic Media, St. Joseph Communication, Stewardship: A Mission of Faith and Children of the Father Foundation, which was founded by Anthony Mullen who also founded

Making and living one’s Consecration has the blessing of Blessed Pope John Paul II in his book "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI issued his Apostolic Blessing on our DVD project promoting this Marian Consecration through the My Consecration Apostolate. This DVD includes the personal testimony of His Eminence Cardinal Justin Rigali of the Archdiocese Emeritus of Philadelphia.  The DVD is an integral part of the Parish Leaders Packet which we can make available to you if you become interested in that role.  It will inspire you, your pastor and your friends as well.

Why would Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI feel that this apostolate was worthy of his time and interest?  Perhaps it is because he and Cardinal Rigali and many others feel that way about God’s messages from Our Lady: We need GOD'S ARMOR OF CONSECRATION which provides Protection for you, your family and the Church in this most difficult and dark time. 

There have been a number of Popes who have given very strong support to Marian Consecration and the Rosary.  Pope Leo XIII is known as the Rosary Pope because he wrote eleven encyclicals on the Rosary and it was he who beatified St. Louis de Montfort in 1888.  Pope Pius XII instituted the feast of the Queenship of Mary in 1954 and has been called the most Marian pope in church history.  He dedicated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and placed his pontificate under the special patronage of  Mary.  He was the first Pope ever to call for a Marian year, a practice continued by Blessed John Paul II in 1998.  Four popes in the mid to late 20th century, Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II, have supported the messages of Our Lady of Fatima as supernatural.  Pope John Paul II was particularly devoted to Our Lady of Fatima and credited her with saving his life after he was shot in Rome on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13, 1981.

Society and the Church are experiencing an extraordinary upheaval as Satan's influence and man's pride combine to place billions of souls at risk of eternal loss. Yet, just as in the time of Noah, God ever faithful and merciful has given His remedy...His armor of protection. The armor we must put on...the Ark of protection now... is Devotion to God’s Mother and her Immaculate Heart through formal entrustment or "Consecration". Her only role, given by God...and the sole purpose of the Consecration is to help us grow and perfect our life in Christ as she did, especially by bringing us to truly love His Sacred Heart in the Eucharist. God emphasized this truth at Fatima, Portugal with the great Miracle of the Sun.  We must ask ourselves: why would one ignore or reject God's plea...His remedy... if one knew it?

We pray that you will Entrust or Consecrate your life to Jesus through His Mother whom He gave to us as our mutual Mother.  We also pray that once this is accomplished, you will help spread God’s Protection to your family, friends and pastor.

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"The Blessed Virgin directs to us all of the acts that every mother lavishes on her children. She loves us, watches over us, protects us, and intercedes for us."

Pope John  XXlll (Reigned  1958 - 1963)