Ray Mooney – National Director of Parish Consecration

ray-mooneyRay Mooney enjoyed a 30+-year career in sales and marketing management before making his Total Consecration more than five years ago. He joined Priests for Life shortly thereafter, working in the organization’s travel and outreach departments.

After marrying and relocating in 2009, Ray joined the staff of Expectant Mother Care, a metro New York City agency that is credited with having saved more than 40,000 unborn babies from abortion since 1985. Ray opened the organization’s first full-time office in the Borough of Queens, managing it and the Expectant Mother Care location in the Borough of Brooklyn. He also assisted in fundraising and community-outreach efforts.

After meeting Executive Director Anthony Mullen and learning more about his efforts to promote and expand the Total Consecration, Ray joined the staff as National Coordinator of Parish Consecration. In his role, Ray establishes and maintains contact with those who have stepped up to be Parish Leaders, and he works to expand the reach of parish participation in the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.